Crypto.Com – The Easy On-Ramp to Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency exchange that allows people to easily buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and many more types of crypto. Depending on your location, they also offer Visa debit card services, loans for crypto purchases, high-interest savings rates for cryptocurrency. provides a secure platform for people who want to buy, hold and spend crypto. They are connected to various fiat banks to allow the easy on-boarding of funds. They offer market-rate conversion rates for cryptocurrencies. There is an amazing number of features available through the app and web site.

Visa Debit Card

Residents of Australia, Canada, Europe, Singapore and the United States can receive a Visa debit card. The basic entry-level card is free and offers a 1% cash-back on eligible purchases, paid in cryptocurrency. Higher-level cards offer more features including higher cash-back amounts, rebates on Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and Expedia, and exclusive perks for travelers. All cards also offer market-rate currency conversions at any ATM that accepts cards in the Visa network. This can save hundreds of dollars to travelers, compared to regular credit card currency conversion rates.

Crypto.Com CRO Cryptocurrency

CRO is a special cryptocurrency established by It is used to provide cash-back on Visa card purchases. This crypto is one of the most valuable in the market and is readily convertible to fiat cash or other types of crypto, including Bitcoin.

Other Features also offers an extensive exchange that allows members to buy and sell a range of cryptocurrencies, at market rates. Stop-loss, limit orders, and more, are offered on the exchange. offers lucrative term deposit services for many users. This feature is not available to some members, such as those living in the USA. Where the service is available, rates of return range between 2% and 18%.

A “Supercharger” feature is available to residents of some countries. This allows eligible members to receive monthly rewards based on their level of participation in special events. It is similar to a term deposit that promises to return an estimated 9.55%.

Crypto Credit is a feature that allows member to use their crypto holdings as collateral for loans secured by crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and more. Payment rates are as low as 8% for up to a one year term. offers staking on their CRO cryptocurrency. This is similar to earning interest on a term deposit. A quantity of CRO is locked in the app for a period of 6 months. The amount can be 2500, 25000, 250000 or 2.5 million CRO, worth between about $175 and $175K. Each of the distinct steps corresponds to a distinct Visa card for that level. Rates of return on staked CRO ranges from 10% to 10%. Additional rewards, such as free Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts, are attached to some of the levels. This feature may not be available in all countries.

As mentioned, some of the features are not available to residents of some countries. The service is secure and is mandated to follow all regulatory conditions for members' countries. As conditions change, will adapt their offerings as required to meet then current regulations.

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