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Let's face it, savings account interest rates are terribly low. Bank of America offers 0.03% for Term Deposits of $10,000 or more. After 1 year, you get a $3.00 interest credit. But wait! The inflation rate is 0.62% so you actually lose $59 if you hold money in a term deposit for a year.

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Savings rates are low because the interest rates on loans and mortgages are low. Banks are earning under 3% on long-term mortgages. There isn't room at that rate to offer much on savings.

To get a better return on your money, you are forced to invest in other markets. You could get a Treasury Bill. Rates on those are quite low as well. You can invest in the stock market or in mutual funds. While this is a good idea, your money will be exposed to economic forces, mergers, take-overs and more. You will also need a broker account with the complexity and fees that come with it.

There are two investment markets that you might not have thought about. The foreign exchange market, (“Forex”), and cryptocurrency, (Bitcoin, etc.). While these markets have traditionally been difficult to learn, there are now simple options available that let anyone take advantage.

Rates of returns for Forex and cryptocurrency have been spectacular over the years. The Bitcoin return on investment has been in excess of 21000%.

Ethereum, another crypto, has seen 29,000%. Many other cryptocurrencies have seen amazing ROI as well. You might not be able to earn quite those gains, but there are still fantastic opportunities for profit with cryptocurrency.

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Beat The Bank

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